Things that have changed my life in 2014

18 Jan

In the past year, I think I truly understood that it’s the small things in life that really make a difference. Here is my list:

1.Buying a backpack Backpacks. They really have been created for a reason. For years I’ve been carrying around a normal handbag, no matter my load, creating a deep ridge on my shoulder and walking lopsided, no more! Now I have a backpack and can even carry my laptop in it without sobbing, And every time I wear it I’m astounded at the difference it has made, I feel like I’m floating. Sometime this has led to me being a bit overconfident about the amount of weight I can carry and I’ve toppled over like a chess piece but apart from that I’ve really no complaints. Though I do also admit that sometimes the straps dig in but that’s because they’re thin. It’s one of those leather fashionable backpacks and not those bulky sports backpack that give proper support. I haven’t completely let myself go.
On that note, I have a friend who wears one of those bulky sports backpack who may read this. If you are reading this: I’m sorry, I couldn’t tell you to your face but how on earth are you supposed to find a husband with that thing on your back? It is just unfathomable, some girls and their priorities.

2.Learning how to pack a suitcase.
This Christmas period I had a long trip booked, first a trip with friends then elsewhere, all with different climates and different stuff needing to go into a suitcase. I was being so minimal with what I was taking and still it wouldn’t fit. It was so annoying because I bought a lovely purple suitcase with four wheels and I had to shift all my stuff to an ugly black one with two wheels, and we all know now how I feel about ugly bags. At the end of the first phase of the holiday, Shams, who was with me, offered to help me pack because she said I clearly wasn’t packing properly. I was terribly hurt. People really don’t understand the weight of their words. But that hurt melted away when she began. It was like seeing the ballet for the first time. She took all my clothes out and instructed me to fold. Then her hands started to work, the nimble fingers of a workman, the craft of an artist. Stuffing things here and there, creating these perfect layers of clothes with great efficiency but with great beauty too. I was in love. With her, with the suitcase, with the moment. So when I had to pack again a few more times during that trip, I did so with a light in my heart and a beat in my soul, knowing that what I usually find so stressful, I could now look forward to. I’m not ashamed. Let me remind you it’s the simple things that matter in life and all your cool things will eventually go but suitcases will always need to be packed.

Things that would have changed my life in 2014 if I’d bought one:

1.A travel pillow.
So I had to get on a number of flights this period, and I hate flying. Most of them had pretty rubbish departure times and I was already running low on sleep so I’d often just doze off. I’d wake up with my head dangling at 90 degrees, so painful that I’d be convinced I’d broken my neck. I didn’t thankfully, but I’m not young anymore. One day, it will. So I’ve decided, for my 25th Birthday this year all I want it a travel pillow.
To be honest I’ve kind of now frightened myself with this thought so I may need several. I’ve broken bones very easily in the past so walking around in a travel pillow on an everyday basis seems a pretty reasonable safeguard. For all my friends who are reading this and now feel they would be too embarrassed to hang out with me, how on earth can you be so selfish? This is my life we’re talking about. You know I really feel like these small changes in my life show I need a whole new overhaul of friends. Apart from Shams. She’s useful.

2 Responses to “Things that have changed my life in 2014”

  1. An avid reader January 24, 2015 at 6:00 PM #

    This has quite frankly become my favourite blog. I was scrolling down for more numbers however. Things usually come in lists of 10 these days…

    • poorlittlemuslimgirl January 6, 2016 at 10:52 AM #

      I can’t believe I am replying to a comment one year later. I am a terrible blogger. Thank you!!!! definitely nobody forced you to say that. And lists of 10 is just a way to fill up the word count. No such oppressiveness in this blog.

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