6 Jan

It’s been five months since I’ve updated this blog which is quite frankly disgusting. To be fair, half of that was working on my masters dissertation and the other half I really was/am writing, just not in blog-post format.

Because the thought of even writing a blog post on current events makes me wince. I just feel desperately bored by the topics I’m supposed to be writing about, yet I can’t seem think beyond it either. Anyway, I was looking at a couple of my older blog posts and felt inspired to turn them into longer pieces. Also other pieces too, but I want to wait until I have a whole lot before I get them out and I have to think about how because I’m getting a bit carried away with them and they’re longer than expected. Still good though. May I suggest you subscribe as I’m not sure when this will be, but soon, and I think we’ve established the fact that I’m clearly not one to spam. Will be back on it soon iA!


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