Muslims DO need to reach out to Britain, and stop stifling my voice.

23 Jul

Hello all!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in wonderfully high spirits because Eid and David Cameron’s speech all came at once, him echoing my sentiments exactly this past wonderful Eid weekend. And to happen coincidently!  Now David Cameron is being a given a hard time by many British Muslims about his speech on extremism. But I am here to offer my voice that is so often, as he helpfully pointed out, is so stifled by other Muslims.

Now again David C made a strong link between extremism and integration. So why not begin with the fundamental problem, why can’t we integrate?  I have noticed it with my own family. This deliberate disregard of all things British. This is coming from us. Yes, it is muslims who must reach out to Britain.  How, you may ask, can we reach out to Britain if we are already physically in Britain? To you naysayers, I say try harder. And here is my Eid diary to show you how.

This Eid was again, in Swansea where my aunt and her family lives. It is here where my enlightenment truly begun. And so how fitting, how wonderful, that this place should set the scene for my commitment to reach out to Britain again, finally, to integrate. I must warn you in advance that my family are way, way, behind me in progress. But this journey isn’t just about me, its about all of us raising our aspirations and pulling ourselves up.


One the first day of Eid, we went to a Middle Eastern restaurant. I had no say in the matter.

On the second day of Eid. we went to the beach. I was ready bright and early, but of course, the family.  When we arrived, the British were leaving.


No matter, I brushed it off. I popped into the beachside cafe with my uncle. I went to order our drinks but looked over to find him sitting on the floor. I scanned the room and took my cue from the men sitting on the chairs. “No uncle” I hissed, pulling him up by the lapels of his shirt. He learned soon enough, and even imitated the way they crossed their legs.


Uncle M then changed his order to a mug of tea and my heart swelled with pride. Of course we marked the occasion with a selfie.


I shouldn’t say this, but honestly, having a quick learner makes my task just so much more rewarding, especially when you have to deal with the difficult and slow ones, which, its fair to say, constitutes the rest of my family.

However, I really want to make clear that I’m still a work in progress too. I think its important to acknowledge this, and if you take away anything from this post, it’s this. Pretending that this has all come to me naturally might demotivate those that are struggling and that would be a real shame. Though, I do pride myself on being one of the best, we’re all in this journey together. So I want to share with you this deeply personal story, and I ask you to respect and celebrate my vulnerability. Ok here goes.

I wore these flipflops to the beach.


I was pretty sure that’s what the British do. But then I start to doubt myself. Dangerous thoughts ran through my mind. You see it was a long internet research very late at night on types of shoes and when they should be worn. My anxiety started to rise. Was it flip-flops at the beach, or brogues and boots? I started to wheeze with worry and so had to sit down.

And then lo and behold, I notice this family in front of me and their footwear.


Just rest assured, signs will be sent to you.

I carried on merrily to the beach, and came across this Muslim man sunbathing. It was cold and the skies were grey. Doin’ it right.


And for those, who still don’t think we’re doing enough, I agree. In the meantime, please accept this literal olive branch below as an olive branch in the symbolic sense.


Ok fine it’s a bit of seaweed. But here are some more pics to reflect my sincerity.



Ok fine, its the same pic.

We went home for dinner, and finally!! A good old fashioned BBQ under grey skies! Can’t get more British than that!


Hang on an a second, is the guy at the bbq wearing a skirt????????????????????


What the hell, I’m pretty sure you’re not suppose to have fish at a bbq??????????????????

IMG_2991  \



`For heaven’s sake, can’t these savages do anything right?

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