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The Egypt protests.

1 Jul

So we’re in the latest saga of the Arab political unrest, but the sun was out in London and the shock and deliriousness from this meant that by the time I had arrived home, I had completely forgotten all about the protests. I logged into one social network to find someone had wrote “Go Egypt!!”

“Is there a football match going on?” I wondered.

Then I remembered, but the language being used with regards to these protests is making me wonder all over again:

“Ahmed Said, a leader of the National Salvation Front (NSF), the secular opposition’s largest coalition (said) “The semi-final was played on 25 January 2011. This is the final. I don’t know how long it will take, but Morsi’s going to go – and Egypt will never be the same after the 30th.”

These are some pics I took live (tv).



In the above pic, it kind of looks like there is a boxing ring in the middle, right?  “They should put the strongest man from each side in the ring, and whichever side wins gets to rule”, my brother suggested. Good call bro. Because honestly, that is how simplistic the reasoning seems to be here. Us against them. The images, the language, the attitudes in Egypt seem so completely inappropriate, that I’m wondering if I’m missing something. This talk of revolution, of overthrowing a government, is great when you’re dealing with a dictator of 30 years, but a democratically elected government of a year?

Sometimes you have governments you don’t agree with, sometimes they make mistakes, sometimes they are completely incompetent, but in order for the structures of a society to develop and progress, you firstly need to have faith in those structures. Its sad because it felt like Egypt had progressed to a new stage, still new, still shaky, still suffering, but rebuilding slowly by trying and trusting in a new political system. Imperfectly (but what is perfect in this world?), but moving on. I’m also confused at the lack of foresight. If these protests succeed, and Morsi is forced to leave, does this not set the precedent for the next set of opposition to want to overthrow the next government?  It is unfortunate that stability and security have become dirty words now, having been long abused by the Arab dictators to justify their rule, but it’s what’s needed now. Because, different things are needed in different situations. Context, nuances, rationality need to start being considered, and not just harking back to the now empty slogans of the revolution. Move on guys.