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Ramadan Lifestyle

21 Jul

It’s always interesting to see how each individual in the family adapts to the Ramadan lifestyle. Personally, the change in sleeping pattern has affected me way more that the fasting and I try to fit in naps throughout the day to get me through. I try to have these naps in random places, so that I’m not too comfortable and don’t sleep for too long. I enjoyed a very nice little lie down sprawled across the floor of my uncles’ living room the other day when we were invited over, after which I relocated to the sofa where I drifted in and out of consciousness. Unfortunately, that was for a good few hours so I will stick to napping on cold and hard surfaces from now on. 

And every night I have a debate on whether to stay up until 3am or to try and squeeze in a nap before having to eat again. Lately I have been giving in and going to sleep, despite the fact I always regret it come 60 minutes later (when you’re tired, you think everything will be easier in the morning. It isn’t.) My family seem to have no problem staying up, which means they can be pretty unsympathetic at times. One of these nights my brother tried waking me and this is apparently what happened (I have a very vague recollection but do remember feeling very distressed).
“X, I know you’re going to hate me, but you need to wake up to eat”. I remember him saying this in a really loud voice, so it is understandable that I apparently respond like this:

“Why are you doing this to me??” I plead, hysterically.

“X, you need to wake up”.

I then, according to my brother, cry like a crazy person, “Just leave. Just leave”

Now I am not sure how much he was exaggerating my reaction and playing down his own role, but if I really was this hysterical, then to be honest I think it’s a completely justifiable reaction to have after being woken up in such a manner, when being this tired. It was almost as bad as the one time I asked my little cousin to wake me up in the morning and he did so by shaking me violently.

My 17 yr old cousin has the opposite problem in her household. We dropped my uncle off at around 12.30am last week, and I went inside to pick something up. The entire flat was pitch black and silent apart from one light coming from the living room. I creep in to find her lying down on the sofa with her iPod, facing upwards and wide awake. She turns to look at me.
“Is this what you do every night?” I ask in amazement.
“It’s so lonely” she whispers to me.