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The BBC, Silk, and Muslims

1 Apr

So I pretty much never watch British TV these days but a few weeks ago I happened to be sitting on the sofa when my brother turned on the TV and my eyes tend to glaze over when the TV turns on and I can’t move. Silk was on. For the non-familiar, Silk is a drama about barristers. This was episode four, “Martha is unsure who to trust when she defends a suspected terrorist”. I was not hopeful for this programme. You know back in the day, I really didn’t mind these kind of things, it was just a story after all. But my gosh, in the context of absolutely everything, give us a bloody break. Obviously the Muslim turned out to be guilty because as real life has shown us, they always are.

There were so many gems though. One of my favourites was when the Asian uncle said something along the lines of “you know, we always worried that our children would turn out too western, turns out it’s the opposite problem”. Me and my brother laughed nervously at the fact that our generation turned out to be such a disappointment, but then the sound he was making when he laughed was a bit anti-western so I had to look at him sternly. We were both treating the programme as a comedy but then something happened that suggested maybe this comedy had a important point. When the barrister and the Asian uncle went to see the suspect’s friend who turned him in but who they suspected of being guilty, they caught him reading a textbook. “What are you reading Saeed, politics?” said the barrister, smirking. I glanced over worryingly to our family bookcase full of politics books. My brother caught my eye, and I wondered if I should turn him in before he turned me in. I promptly left the sofa for my bedroom to mull over how I was going to do this. My brother told me the next day that the Muslim was a terrorist indeed and therefore all the scary secrecy laws used right now are totally and completely justified, and if you don’t agree then boo you anti-western people.