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Snow in London!

20 Jan

How absolutely stunning is London right now? I want to write about how beautiful it is, but I can’t yet express myself at that level. You know that moment when you look out the window and you gasp ? I love that the gasp is involuntary. It actually feels magical and I understand why CS Lewis chose that Narnia had this setting. I had a little photoshoot with my Faisal but unfortunately, a SLR camera doth not a professional photographer make.


Attempt 1.


Attempt 2: I could argue that this was a deliberate attempt to make Faisal look like a snowman.


Attempt 3: Yes, Faisal is blurry but doesn’t the background look incredible? I love the colour of the sky. It has an effect on me I can’t explain. Image

In my defence, I have really shaky hands.