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Am I a #happy muslim?

18 Apr

So much has been written about this topic that I feel reluctant to even mention it. This has so far been my policy with things that have gone viral because it gets very boring very quickly for me. So I crawl under my rock and wait for it to all to be over. But for the sake of this blog, I feel that perhaps I should give it a passing mention in order to stay slightly relevant. A video was made, some people were happy with it, some people were not. I find legitimate arguments on both sides, with really interesting insights. You can find them elsewhere, so I won’t bore you by repeating them. I am actually really torn, and I am annoyed that I am really torn. I do have an opinion, but it is so mitigated that I’ll be here all day if I get into it. This annoys me. I like to have extremely strong opinions, and then use these to ostracise any family and friends who disagree with me.

 In a wider sense, we all want us to progress as a community, and I am wondering what this trend indicates. This is how it goes: every couple of months, a video or a statement comes out. There is good debate, but there is also hysterical responses on both sides, caused a lot of the time, by the absolute statements and lack of accountability that social media encourages.

On one hand I think, debate is good, there is space for legitimate differences of opinion, and this in itself is progress: feeling free to use a creative outlet, and being able to debate about it afterwards. On the other hand, I wonder if this is just us reaching a stalemate every single time? Do we need more consensus, more strategic aims as a community? What I mean is, yes great, we have different opinions, but surely we can have a meaningful discussion of what is effective/ineffective, what is of value? Not everything is relative, and sometimes there are legitimate concerns which we need to address without being told to “lighten up”. Yet as I write this I’m telling myself to lighten up and I berate myself for letting things like this seem like they are the only thing going on in our community, when I know there are plenty of great things going on, done indeed, by many of the people in the video.

 Honestly, I’m boring myself as I write this. I know debate is good, but this conversation leaves me feeling drained because I haven’t reached a conclusion. There are other things that today that have me far more riveted, which I will now list:

  1. How amazing is it to have a four day weekend? I can’t believe how I took for granted the long holidays I used to have during Uni. But in a sense, I think I need to have that tension of work, that resentment and sheer anger and upset of spending so much time there which makes me absolutely savour any time off. In this sense, having 2 days off is much more joyful that having 5 weeks off. Really feeling Khalil Gibran’s joy/sorrow poem right now. Can’t have one without the other.
  2. I’m on my fourth Easter egg. Its disgusting.
  3. I’m really into documentaries at the moment, and am about to watch “The crisis of civilisation”.
  4.  My brother bought too many bananas and now he’s making me eat them even though they make my stomach hurt. When I refused he accused me of wasting food and I am extremely distressed at this because now I feel morally obligated to have a banana that he pointedly put on my bed.