7 Dec

So my little cousin has joined a writing collective thing where he has to write one article a week. He is not at all daunted by this fact and I had to bite my tongue from expressing my disbelief at him being able to this, like some deadbeat dad. Many a times on this blog I have vowed to write one post a week, failing miserably. Yes I am aware that people write everyday. But seriously, one article a week by a 10 year old?? Isn’t that a crazy amount of work? I’m not sure if the problem is with them or me, and the fact that I am struggling with the workload of a child. So I will try to let go and write more once again.

Another thing: A few lovely people have told me in real life that they read my blog and it makes me very happy. If you are around, reading, please do comment or email me, as it sure does get lonely out here in cyberspace, I won’t bite. (I actually can’t bite. Not any more. You see I had a bit of problem when I was younger, I used to bite whatever and whoever I came across. My parents had no choice but to pull out my molars and my canines, leaving me with only my two front teeth. It’s ok though, I don’t blame them. They bought me a squirrel so I could learn how to eat like them and at least I can be around people now.)

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