UKIP’s Dream

27 May

Did you have a good bank holiday weekend? I did. I was in a lovely seaside town so though It was generally miserable and rainy on the weekend, the weather was beautiful yesterday. Look: Image

Will you excuse the white? I wish it was done for comic purposes but I was eating a bag of diddy donuts and it was so bright I couldn’t see the screen. My whole post seems redundant now seeing as I don’t have a good photo. What I was going to say was that while I was looking at this wonderful view, I realised this was UKIP’s dream. I imagined myself in their position, watching proudly as the British enjoyed the British seaside.  Until I spotted my family:  


                                                           A blight on our landscape


                                  Ruining the view, from every angle



How sinister do they look here, watching over the beach? They really don’t do themselves any favours.





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