A blog post

23 Feb

 What should be the first sentence of a blog post that is about nothing?  I am really trying to keep to this posting once a week thing, but have just been really feeling the pressure recently. After posting this blog on my facebook last week, I really think it was just too much too soon. What with 20+ likes, the limelight is just really on me and its really hindering my progress. I also seem to be making a blog post an analogy of life, which makes the pressure worse. Should I do something imperfect or take time to think it through and do it properly? How can I balance consistency with effectiveness? Should I have my chocolate digestives before or after I’ve achieved something?  

I’m also starting to really question the people around me, who seem to really be piggybacking on the success of that last blog post. My dad is publishing this book “What to do if your child keeps on being mistaken for someone else”, that I am forced to plug. I really wanted to write about something more substantial but I’m afraid it will have to wait, as I’m seeing if my new approach of short posts will help. Adios!

2 Responses to “A blog post”

  1. Anonymous February 24, 2014 at 7:20 PM #

    It was two weeks ago you posted. Two not one. You left me in a desperate state of anticipation. Alas, your promise of weekly blogs was a fallacy. One I was happy to live with.
    On a side note, where you and your identical Muslim twin wearing the same colour hijab at least?
    You see it’s easy to pick out just one feature about someone new in order to help distinguish them – in your case a hijab perhaps was used. It’s just lazy thought processes rather than racist ones.
    I like to live in an idealistic world 🙂

    • poorlittlemuslimgirl March 2, 2014 at 5:08 PM #

      haha! I’m not sure if I’m pleased or worried that you’re keeping count!
      On your side note, we were almost certainly not wearing the same colour scarf (it was months ago but we have very different styles). And though I get your point, it was a relatively small group so surely if there are two hijabis, you’d look for another feature to distinguish between us? I also don’t know whether I would call it racism either (a term I still need to learn more about). At the very least, you’ve described it perfectly by calling it a lazy though process-my suggestion is that people are selectively lazy. Lazy with people we think are less important, and in the anti-islam context of today, naturally that’s us. But much thanks for commenting, you make a valid point!

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