Eid Mubarak!

14 Aug

With two Eids per year, my family have devised a system where we alternate between London and this seaside town where my aunt lives. You’d think, given there are two Eids and only two choices, it would be pretty easy to establish where we will be spending Eid. Unfortunately not and we have to wait until a decision comes in, always at the last minute, (we’re not quite sure where the decision comes from).

 So this time we went to my Aunt’s. It was those extremely, rare, few, unusual, infrequent, isolated, odd, sporadic, exceptional, unprecedented, unheard-of days where one could possibly suggest that living in a small town could marginally be better than living in London. It was this moment after morning Eid prayers.  As soon as it finished, everybody, with the excitement that Eid brings, went around hugging and greeting each other, one massive extended family. It was indescribably lovely. It was so unlike London. I even got in on the action too, creeping up on the women right after my aunt hugged them.

After this, we went to a marquee set up outside for breakfast. But the family still went home to have another breakfast (having a full Yemeni breakfast is usually the highlight of my family’s Eid and not even ALREADY HAVING HAD BREAKFAST will stop them). They all then napped, while I sat on the bed like an excited child waiting for them to wake up because I was the only sensible one who went to bed early.

 When they finallyyyy woke up, we went to the beach and I got to have Dinky Donuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you know how much I love dinky donuts? And I had a chocolate ice-cream that was almost as good as Haagen Daaz at half the price! So, to summarise, the things that make me want to move out of London consists of hugging, dinky donuts and cheap ice-cream. Good a reason as any, I think.

We went home again and got more smartly dressed to go to this Eid party. The food was great and the people were lovely, but the children! There were just too many children running around and yelling. I made a promise to myself there and then that my future kids will be locked away at home on Eid.  They seemed to have occupied the kitchen and when I tried to open the door, they collectively screamed.  Though I was later impressed with their game playing they were later heard yelling “GUARD YOUR BATTLEFIELDS!” when my cousin’s wife tried to walk in to the kitchen.  

The rest of the Eid weekend consisted of being gathered around the table eating, a barbeque and more beach.  I tried to persuade my family to go strawberry picking but they were having none of it and laughed in my face. I definitely felt like I was Matilda who needed a Miss Honey to adopt me from my family. I hope you all had a lovely Eid too!

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