A visit to the doctor.

10 May

My uncle’s wife (Aunt B) offered to take me to this doctor/physiotherapist/masseuse/healer after hearing that about my several bone problems-I keep on having accidents and hurting/spraining/breaking them.

A bunch of us went, all with our own ailments.

“So,  she’s a doctor right?” I ask, as we drive there.

“Not really a proper doctor” says Aunt C who has a pulled muscle.

“She’s an Arabic doctor.”  Says my Aunt B, who has a problem with her elbow.

“What’s an Arabic doctor?” I ask.

“She’s trained in Arabic medicine”, says Aunt B.

“She uses black magic”, whispers my cousin ominously, who has twisted his ankle.

Now I am a super-cynic, so knowing she wasn’t really a qualified doctor meant I didn’t expect much from our pending trip.  I even back out and decide not to let the Arabic witch doctor cure me.

But my Aunt persuades me to at least let her check me out. I sigh and agree. Deciding to test her with one ailment, I tell her I fell down the stairs at a tube station a couple of months ago, and my ankle is still hurting.

Lie down, she instructs.

She starts pressing down on my foot in various places. “It hurts here, doesn’t it?”

“Aghhhh “ I cry, “How did you know??”

She presses down on other parts, and “and here, and here too, yes?”

“Aghhhhh” I yell again, “How can you know all this??”

More pressing, more yelling. But since then, I’ve had hardly any pain from it.

While she’s pressing down on my feet, she says “There is something wrong with your stomach. Do you  often get stomach aches?’

“YES!!!” I squeal. I can hardly believe my ears, my stomach ALWAYS hurts and my GP in the UK was absolutely useless.

“What is it trying to say to me?” I ask pleadingly (I don’t really ask this, but isn’t this beginning to sound like a psychic session?

She gave me something to drink so we’ll see if anything changes. I know one thing; I’ve changed as a person.  No longer will I be a cynic (within reason), but will be open to the fact that there are all different types of wisdom.

2 Responses to “A visit to the doctor.”

  1. An avid reader May 14, 2013 at 4:47 PM #

    An entertaining post to say the least! However I’m slightly worried as to what the Arab witch doctor did to you…

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