Snow in London!

20 Jan

How absolutely stunning is London right now? I want to write about how beautiful it is, but I can’t yet express myself at that level. You know that moment when you look out the window and you gasp ? I love that the gasp is involuntary. It actually feels magical and I understand why CS Lewis chose that Narnia had this setting. I had a little photoshoot with my Faisal but unfortunately, a SLR camera doth not a professional photographer make.


Attempt 1.


Attempt 2: I could argue that this was a deliberate attempt to make Faisal look like a snowman.


Attempt 3: Yes, Faisal is blurry but doesn’t the background look incredible? I love the colour of the sky. It has an effect on me I can’t explain. Image

In my defence, I have really shaky hands.

5 Responses to “Snow in London!”

  1. Hahaha you always make me laugh! (And that’s really not an easy thing to do). London is stunning right now, but that’s coming from a ‘proud’ Londoner so I’m totally biased :p I happen to love the photography… The first one has been airbrushed, the second one is conceptual (could make the front cover of ID magazine) and the third is er erm perfectly fine we’ll just remain adamant to everyone that the photo has a really sharp quality about it and if anyone thinks otherwise it must be that they have really bad blurry vision! So all in all you make a great photographer! Well done 😀

  2. poorlittlemuslimgirl January 21, 2013 at 8:36 PM #

    hahahahaa thank you for the boost of morale! Honestly, a ridiculous amount of money was spent on that camera. Btw, I tried to comment on your post but wasn’t able to- just wow. still in shock. xxxx

  3. Aww I’m sure you’ll master it soon enough… you’ll need to get your pennies worth! But honestly, you have such a great sense of humour!! You don’t post frequently enough, I need more of it… I love your blog! 😀
    I have a confession, I disabled comments *gritting my teeth*… All of a sudden I had got scared of people’s judgment of me (which is actually so unlike me). But I guess it’s because I still blame myself for it, particularly now when I look back and I just see the signs that were there from the beginning and I’m like how stupid could I have been?! Anyhoo we won’t talk about that on your post!! Just be sure not to make the same silly mistake I did! Test the bugger 😉


    • poorlittlemuslimgirl January 21, 2013 at 10:16 PM #

      You are the sweetest! Its so lovely to hear that you enjoy it.
      And oh my goodness, who could ever judge you for that? It was compassion that I felt and even that I could relate. Realised that I could PM you on your blog so well do so later on the week iA xx

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